Arduino & XBee

Xbee modules provide a very simple way to add a wireless capability to communications on Arduino. Essentially they let you work in exactly the same way as a direct serial connection between two boards – albeit wirelessly. The easiest way to connect an Xbee to your Arduino, is to use the Arduino Wireless Shield. It’s […]

Arduino Seven-Segment Display

Here’s a video that I made, talking about one way to use seven-segment displays with a microcontroller.

Arduino Function Generator (Part 3)

In my previous posts in this series I looked at a couple of ways to use an Arduino to generate analogue waveforms. In this third part I look at a much simpler, IC-based digital to analog (DAC) circuit to provide the waveforms, and look at ways of changing the frequency of the output.

Arduino Function Generator (Part 2)

Last time, we looked at some Arduino code that we could use to generate some square waves. The problem with the setup we’ve been looking at so far, is that we can only produce signals of one amplitude – equivalent to the HIGH logic level. In order to be able to produce any other waveforms […]

Arduino Function Generator (Part 1)

I was looking around for an interesting Arduino project, and I came up with the idea of making a function generator (also called a signal generator). The reason I picked a function generator is that it gives us the chance of playing with some interesting circuits – and some interesting code… Before we start with […]

Shift Register

Whilst you have quite a few outputs to play with on an Arduino board; sometimes there won’t be enough.  One way to get around this is with the use of a shift register.  This is a brilliant way to output eight pin’s worth of outputs – using just three pins.  What’s more – it’s a […]

Introduction to Arduino…

Something that I really want to write about here, is Arduino.  Arduino, if you’re not familiar with it, is a really splendid, simple, low-cost, open-source micro-controller based board, originally created to be an easy to use platform: specifically to permit “designers & artists” to create projects with embedded micro-controller devices.  There’s a really good introduction […]