How not to use sysfs for GPIO on a Raspberry Pi (& how you should do it in 2023!)…

Some time ago (11 years ago, in fact – all the way back in 2012), I wrote a blog post about how to control GPIO on a Raspberry Pi using sysfs and the /sys/class/gpio construct it provided. Well since then, time has passed, and in the way of all things, so has the “GPIO Sysfs […]

Getting started with BeagleBone

I’ve just picked up a BeagleBone… BeagleBone is a small, low(ish) cost, open-source Linux computer on a  board – using an ARM Cortex-A8 processor running at 720 MHz, with 256 MB of RAM.  Unlike an Arduino – this is a fully-fledged computer. This makes it extremely powerful – and makes it a nice device to play with, to […]