A Giant 555…

I’ve not actually written anything here for quite some time (it turns out that doing a part-time PhD really eats into your electronics project time… Who’d’ve thought!); so I thought I’d take advantage of the current isolation and a few days off over the Bank Holiday, to catch-up with some blogging…

The venerable NE555 timer IC was introduced in 1972; and due to its versatility is without doubt one of the most common integrated circuits ever made.

The Three Fives kit

As a Christmas gift, I received a EvilMadScientist.com “Three Fives” kit. The three fives, is a giant-sized recreation of the NE555, build using through-hole discrete components.

The “Three Fives” Discrete 555 Timer Kit
The “Three Fives” Discrete 555 Timer Kit

I finally got around to building it, and since I have to say that it’s a really nice kit; and it would make a great electronics project for kids (aged about 12-18) too. It’s a really well laid-out board; and the use of through-hole components makes it easy to assemble. It took me about 45-minutes to solder it – but you could easily do it in more like 30-minutes, if you were less fussy about how it looked; and it might take you anything up to a couple of hours if you’d never soldered before… The instructions are very clear; and the components are supplied fixed on to clearly marked cards, to make it trivial to identify which goes where.

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UNI-T UT802 – First Impressions…

It’s been a while since I’ve written much here – but I have just made a short video on the UNI-T UT802 bench-top multimeter that I bought recently.

UNI-T UT802 – First Impressions

As I say in the video; I plan to make a more detailed video doing some comparative measurements – to see where this unit ranks alongside other multimeters.